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Sherlock/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

"Pressing Matters"

Author: Second_Skin

Rating: Explicit

Author’s Summary: According to fengirl88’s most excellent Consequences (part 7), Lestrade does his own ironing. Clearly, then, there is a need for ironing!porn featuring the D.I.

Sherlock Fanfic idea


I am really curious if anyone has written a fanfic on how Sherlock and Lestrade got to know each other? If I felt more comfortable in my writing, I might give it a shot. Does anyone know if such a fanfic exists?

Actually this could be something put into season 3 in the first episode. Everyone starts recalling their experiences with Sherlock, and can give backstory into the cast showing how they met and past experiences with him. Another fun part of this could be some Mycroft and Sherlock childhood lulz.

There are actually lots of Sherlock & Lestrade first-time-meeting stories out there! Some can be found on this blog under the ‘fanfiction rec’ tag.

Followers, what are some of your favorite meeting stories?

Sherlock/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

A ficlet for Father’s Day

Author: thesmallhobbit

Submitted by: thesmallhobbit


I needed to make this for reasons.

… said a certain DI to his lover ;-)


I needed to make this for reasons.

… said a certain DI to his lover ;-)

Sherlock/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

"Not a Child"

Author: detectivegregorylestrade

Submitted By: detectivegregorylestrade

anderson-stole-my-jumper said: Hi! Lovely blog you run here! I was wondering if you'd publish a list of your favourite sherstade fics, like a top ten or something. Also, do you know any pre-ASiP fics where Lestrade helps Sherlock overcome his addictions?

Hello there! And thank you :) We’re glad you like the blog.

I’m going to point you first toward our list of "Recommended Fanfiction." This is a mostly up-to-date list of all the stories that have been recommended on this blog (we’re a few stories behind, I believe).

Beyond that, I’m going to turn this one over to our followers.

Everyone, what are your favorite Sherlock/Lestrade stories? And can you recommend any pre-ASiP fics?

We’d love to hear from you!

For those of you who are interested:

steel-and-glass has submitted a couple of Sherlock/Lestrade roleplays that have been occurring on LJ, in case anyone is interested in reading them:

Better High Than Low

Submission notes: this is set about five years before “A Study In Pink” just after Sherlock and Lestrade first met. We never got around to finishing it, unfortunately, so it stays incomplete.

Impossibility Streak

Submission notes: which picks up just after Irene Adler’s faked death in the middle of “A Scandal in Belgravia”. Mycroft asks Lestrade to keep an eye on Sherlock during the ‘danger’ night that follows. This one is still on-going, it’s supposed to encompass all season two, Sherlock’s death and the aftermath. We’re about mid-Reichenbach, right now.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock and Lestrade:

"[Sherlock] just really gets off on the game. He just really gets off on the idea of being able to do it and exercising that muscle. He’s not looking for fault, really. Well, that’s not always true, but the accidental moments when he does that, he’s not looking for it. And that’s again where John has to right him. I think what often happens is, yeah, he does use it as a power play, obviously, in certain situations to bring the bureaucracy of the police round to heel so [detective] Lestrade is the lap dog he is. And it’s not that, you know, he has a great deal of time and affection for Lestrade; Lestrade is a very good policeman. It’s just that Sherlock is s—loads better. Also, he adores him — well, adores is a strong word for him, but you know, he has a respect and understanding of him because he brings Sherlock along. Sherlock doesn’t work in isolation; he needs the Metropolitan Police."

-From this interview in Metro.

Many thanks to the lovely Archea for bringing this to my attention.

That’s a very intense look you’re sharing, guys…

Sherlock/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

"The Darker Side of Genius"

Rating: M

Author: SkuggaOfZilver

Author’s Summary: It’s been a year since Moriarty died in the Pool, and Sherlock’s bored. Then, all of a sudden, a new, important, player in the underground shows up - The Musician.

Submitted by: lassielowrider