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Sherstrade drabble for Herbailiwick


Sorry your day hasn’t gone as planned. Chin up, my dear :)

It was an unconventional sort of domesticity, this, Lestrade reflected.

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Sherlock/Lestrade Fanfiction Rec

"Pressing Matters"

Author: Second_Skin

Rating: Explicit

Author’s Summary: According to fengirl88’s most excellent Consequences (part 7), Lestrade does his own ironing. Clearly, then, there is a need for ironing!porn featuring the D.I.

Sherstrade!- The Road Traffic Act 1988


I missed Sherstrade day, oops. 

I wrote this a while back and forgot to share it yesterday.

Lestrade wants a change of scenery. Sherlock doesn’t agree.

my non-rant contribution to sherstrade day


I have not proofread this fully.


John wasn’t sure how he had convinced Sherlock to come to the pub. He thought he’d have to put more effort into asking, but after only mentioning that Lestrade had suggested inviting Sherlock to their weekly pub night, Sherlock acquiesced reluctantly, claiming that he didn’t want John to bug him about it. It didn’t seem quite right with John, but he wasn’t going to argue over Sherlock agreeing to do something.

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Didn’t get a chance to write anything new today, but here are the two Sherstrade fics I’ve written. 


Rating: E

Features Genderqueer!Sherlock, BDSM

Lestrade forces his lips together for a moment before saying, “Those…those are women’s shoes.”

Sherlock flops onto the couch, flipping the robe further open. “Incorrect. I’m wearing them.”


Rating: G

Features Asexual!Sherlock

There are only two scenarios that satisfy Sherlock into deep stillness, and as one generally happens to involve disembowelment or severed fingers, Lestrade has found himself almost looking forward to their opera days.

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Scotch Shipping Tape: Sherstrade Drabble III: Road Trip


Written in my Sherstrade family ‘verse


“Are we there yet?”

“How many times has he asked that?”


Greg whistled from his spot at the driver’s seat. “Holy moly. Kiddo, we’re not there yet. It’ll be awhile. Why don’t you play Angry Birds or something?”

“It’s dead.” Everett waved the…

Sherstrade-Day fic-rec


When it comes to my love for Sherlock/Lestrade, there is always that one story that I keep going back to. The one that started it all.

It’s raw, and real and funny, and my perfect ‘how they got where they are now’ kind of story.  Also: asexual!Sherlock is always a plus for me. ;-)

On a day like today I simply cannot not rec it.

A case of identity by suzie_shooter

S/L Fic Rec


“Peanut Butter and Jelly”

Author: mybelovedcheshire

Author’s Summary: Sometimes Lestrade has to take care of Sherlock, and make sure he actually eats.

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S/L Fic Rec



Author: Sidney Sussex

Author’s Summary: A cycle of progression for DI Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes.

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S/L Fic Rec


“Dressing the Part” series (3 fics)

Author: Fengirl88

Rating: Explicit

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