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“Try not to punch him.” 


“Try not to punch him.” 

S/L Fic Rec


“Coming Home”

Author: heeroluva

Author’s Summary: When John enters Sherlock’s life, Lestrade isn’t so sure of his place in it anymore.

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PSA: Imp and I have declared today “Sherstrade” day, because people are assholes and deserve to be kicked in the metaphorical ‘nads for trying to tear down any ship that isn’t motherfucking Johnlock.

YOU SHOULD JOIN IN. Contribute head canons, gifs, fics (short or long!), even just your opinion of why Sherstrade is FANTASTIC (because it is), and MAKE SURE YOU TAG IT.

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In the crush of the dark


Sherlock never said please. He demanded, he regaled, he commanded, but he didn’t request. This was Sherlock at his most vulnerable, perhaps, or his most manipulative.

Written for this prompt at the kinkmeme.

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In honour of RG's birthday: giant list of John/Lestrade/Sherlock recs


OT3 list I made a while ago.

As I am a big old Lestrade fan, all the stories are very appreciative of him. As are John and Sherlock. ;-)

(Submitted by frytha. Thank you so much!)

more Lestrade and Our Heroes: a recs post


Who doesn’t want a bit more Lestrade for Our Boys? A couple of additional recommendations:

The Not Your Average Threesome series: the sweetest of OT3 fics about John, Lestrade, and asexual!Sherlock.

As a bonus, have some dirty Sherlock/Lestrade: the Principles of Morality series, which finds Lestrade agonizing over a legal, consensual, filthy, glaring age difference. 

And I like this bit of rough smut: Birthday Sex with John and Sherlock, in which the birthday is, appropriately, Lestrade’s. John is a bit too passive for me, but if it doesn’t bother you too much you can just imagine that he’s voluntarily wasted or has been forbidden to speak or something.